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Mobile Integrated Health Opportunities

Michael Raymond


EasCare's Mobile Integrated Health program is looking to add one or two paramedics to the team!  The MIH truck operates everyday from 5pm - 1am out of the Boston garage.  We have seen over 1,700 patients and prevented not only ED visits but costly and lengthy admission to the hospital.  This program is award winning and internationally recognized.  It is being studied at the federal level and is the only EMS program in the country being researched with federal grant dollars.

We are encouraging internal and external paramedics to apply by submitting a letter of intent, stating why you would be a good candidate.  The ideal candidate would be a full-time medic who is available to work 1-2 MIH shifts per week including one weekend shift, as part of their 48 hour schedule with EasCare.

This program has unique challenges and we need a specific type of medic.  The paramedic must be self-motivated and capable of independent work but also be able to work as a team to create and execute a care plan.  They must be very detailed oriented and a great communicator both verbally and in documentation.  Most importantly we are looking for someone who is resourceful, dedicated, and who has a great work ethic.

Training is paid and there is a generous hourly stipend for MIH shifts once training is completed.  If you have interest in this position please schedule a night to ride on the truck and see what the job is first hand and submit a letter of intent to Scott Cluett.