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The Future of EMS

Michael Raymond

Good afternoon team,

As Summer comes to an end, and as we prepare for what we are sure will be another successful Fall season, we wanted to send a note out to all staff to share an update on important milestone at EasCare.  Next month will mark the two-year anniversary of the EasCare Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Pilot Program that we launched in partnership with Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA).  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the details of this exciting program, EasCare Mobile Integrated Health utilizes specially trained paramedics to provide urgent and acute care in the home setting for CCA patients between 6 pm and 2 am.  These medics are able to perform point-of-site testing, administer antibiotics, and manage complex diseases like COPD and CHF under our medical direction. 

This program was started with a belief that EMS should be better integrated into healthcare delivery system and that EMS professionals can and must play a critical role in the well-being of patients even beyond traditional transportation.  It is truly the only program of its kind in Massachusetts and perhaps in the nation.  We are excited to share that our MIH program has been an incredible success.  Just this week, our MIH paramedics completed their 1,000th visit at a patient’s home.  The patient satisfaction with the program is remarkable, with 95% of patients saying that our MIH visits are as good or better than an emergency department visit.  Additionally, initial data would indicate that we may have averted emergency department visits in as many as 85% of the calls.  We would recommend that you listen to the recent NPR story on our program when you have the time:

It is clearly an exciting time for EMS, and we expect the role of EMS to only grow in the weeks and months ahead.  Last month, the Department of Public Health released draft regulations allowing for the expansion of MIH in Massachusetts.  EasCare and our partners have been actively engaged with DPH during this process, and we are very pleased with the framework that the state has proposed.  Under these new regulations, EasCare will be able to expand its current MIH program and also take on new customers who have expressed interest in utilizing our new services.  We expect EasCare to continue to play the leading role in MIH in the Commonwealth, and we will need to identify new staff – likely both EMTs and Paramedics – to fulfill new roles in the company to meet the growing demand.  If you have an interest in learning more about the opportunities at EasCare, please contact Matt Goudreau or Scott Cluett, the two individuals that have led the efforts here.  Scott and Matt and the team of MIH medics have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to innovation in ways that exemplify all that makes EasCare unique.  I personally look forward to seeing what new programs our team designs in partnership with our key clients as we enter this new phase of growth. 

None of the success of the MIH pilot program would have been possible without the hard work and continued success of our traditional EMS business. Our staff of 700+ EMTs, Paramedics, Chair Car Drivers, Dispatchers, Billers, Maintenance and Support Staff are the best in Massachusetts.  Please keep up the great work! 

In the coming weeks, I will be holding another series of town hall meetings at each of our divisions.  We will be sending out information on these events well in advance, and we hope you can join us to learn more about plans, and so we can hear more from you about your ideas and questions.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day, and as always, do not hesitate to contact me anytime.