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EasCare's Paul Phinney Makes Waves Building Model Naval Ships

Michael Raymond

Paul Phinney, director of fleet services with EasCare Ambulance, is the cofounder of Homeport Models. Paul, with his cofounding partner, Eric Bertelsen, have created model naval ships that have not only caught the attention of media and other enthusiasts, but also the US Navy. Using today's technology, to bring a level of detail and accuracy to todays modeller that has never been seen before.

Being featured in several magazines and a video production by the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington DC, they are also being featured in a publication coming out in 2016 called Made In Mass. Having started 15 years ago on a kitchen table, Paul is proud of the national attention that is pointing in his direction.

Paul's dedication, hard work, and attention to detail have lead to the success of his hobby, the same qualities that he brings to work everyday. We are fortunate to have someone like Paul as part of the EasCare Ambulance team!